Domino's "order anywhere" expands to Apple CarPlay

Domino’s Dominates with Apple CarPlay

As if you needed another reason to never leave your car, Domino’s has just made it even easier to order pizza on the go with Domino’s iOS app on CarPlay. But what does this say about the future of shopping? Buckle up, because we’re about to explore the potential implications of in-car ordering technology on the world of commerce.”

Domino’s Integration with Apple CarPlay

Here’s how it works:

Customers have two ordering options via Domino’s app on CarPlay: “Tap to Order” or “Call to Order.” Tap to Order lets customers submit their saved Easy Order or one of their most recent orders, while “Call to Order” allows them to place the order of their choice, hands-free, by talking to a customer service representative – Domino’s Press Release

It seems really simple but that’s due to the restrictions of the process. “Tap to Order” only lets you choose a recently ordered pizza or a pizza added to your set Easy Order. The “Call to Order” option is just that – calling to order. I’m not sure how this is different (or quicker) than asking Siri to call the nearest Domino’s, but it’s now an option. This comes across more as way to round out their “Domino’s Anywhere” campaign – where Domino’s is competing with Skyrim to be assessible on most platforms – than a truly valuable feature they expect anyone to use. However, this feature has important implications for Voice Commerce and especially what it means for the future of the in car experience. 

Implications for V Commerce

Voice commerce, or V commerce for short, refers to the use of voice-enabled technology to make purchases, such as ordering food, booking appointments, or buying products online. The rise of V commerce has been attributed to the convenience and speed it offers, as well as the growing popularity of smart speakers and voice assistants.

As more businesses adopt similar technologies, the potential for V commerce to become a mainstream shopping method grows. Why stop at ordering pizza? As long as you’re stuck in rush hour traffic, why not order that new shirt that you don’t have time to pick up? The more options that a business can provide to customers to purchase their goods and services, the more customers will be able to purchase those goods and services. 

Domino’s is currently leading the charge on the fast food front. With an early foothold in the space, they stand to gain higher adoption rates as this form of ordering becomes more mainstream. Through the simplicity of their app – you’re essentially either tapping a button or calling a store – they’ve created an illusion of novelty. Will this “novelty” be enough to differentiate Domino’s from the competition? Probably not, but let us know the next time you find yourself calling in a Hawaiin at a red light. 

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