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Hello World

Hi, we’re Val and Romane, the co-founders of Swyph and Marketing Misfits. We started Marketing Misfits as a way to provide small and midsize businesses with the cutting-edge technology they need to grow their businesses. We want to help business owners make better decisions about marketing by providing them with a foundation of traditional marketing concepts, tools, and strategies.

We want to not only introduce business owners to new technology but also provide them with a deeper understanding of how to use it to benefit their businesses. We’ll provide examples of businesses using technology successfully, as well as businesses that could have used it more effectively. 

Furthermore, we want to use our 20 years of marketing experience (along with the experience of guest bloggers) to discuss the past, present, and future of marketing and technology.

We can’t wait to keep talking, meeting, and growing with all of you over the next few years! We’ll continue to provide valuable information to our lovely group of Misfits!

Take Risks and Be Bold!


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