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The First Rule of Display Ads Club Is: You DO Talk About Display Ads Club

Social and display ads are a lot like bringing a new dish to a potluck. You’re hoping that people will be intrigued by it, maybe even a little bit curious and that they’ll want to try it out for themselves. You want your dish to stand out amongst all of the other options, but you also want it to be something that people will actually enjoy eating. And finally, you need to be prepared to adjust your recipe based on feedback from your potluck guests.

So what are social and display ads?

Social ads are a great way to reach out to potential customers on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. They can be used to promote products, services, or events, as well as build brand awareness. Display ads are another effective way to reach a specific audience by using keywords, topics, and interests. By placing these ads on websites and other digital platforms, you can make sure that your target audience will see them.

Social and display ads can be used to drive traffic to a website, increase conversions, and grow a customer base. Additionally, these ads can be used to retarget customers who have already visited a website or interacted with a brand in some way.

When creating social and display ads, it is important to create ads that are engaging and relevant. Ads should be creative and eye-catching, and they should be tailored to the target audience. It is also important to track the performance of the ads and make adjustments as needed

It’s like social and display advertising are two peas in a pod. They both can be very beneficial for businesses that rely on Internet traffic to generate revenue, like eCommerce stores and events. The key is to find the 2 or 3 channels that work best for you.


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